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BS4142 Noise Assessment Report from just £395.00 (no VAT)

ppg 24 noise assessment
ppg 24 noise assessment

noise assessment for planning

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We provide noise assessments through out England and Wales.

The local aurthority may require a BS4142 noise survey if they think your new activity is likely to introduce additional noise into a residential area

Examples including,

BS 4142 noise survey
BS 4142 noise survey
  • Air conditioning units
  • Cranes and generators
  • Any additional machinary that produces noise

BS 4142 is a standard that out lines how the noise assessment should be done, when it should be carried out and how it should be reported.

Depending on when the source of noise is in use, if it is on from 11PM on wards, at least part of the assessment will be done during the night as well.

We provide BS4142 noise assessments according to the standard so that the local authority can see the impact of the noise and make appropriate planning decisions.

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