Air Tightness Testing Cost

Air tightness testing costs are from £195 but can be as much as £790 depending on the location of the property, the size and complexity of the design.

If you have multiple properties that can be tested on the same day, the costs are £195 attendance fee and additional tests can be done at a lower cost. Depending on the volume of properties to be tested there can be a substantial saving.

The fees include all the costs associated with testing, property assessment, certification and lodgement. We are not VAT registered so there will be no additional costs to pay.

What is the cost of a retest if the first test is a fail? If you are able to fix the air leakage within 30 minutes, whilst the tester is there,  then usually there is no cost for a retest. To fix an air leak you simply have to use silicon, caulk or expanding foam which is relatively straight forward. If the tester has to return on a separate day to conduct another air tightness test then additional costs will be incurred but usually less than the cost of the initial test.

What happens if you cancel? Providing you give 24 hours notice before you cancel then there is no charge for cancelling a booking.

Get in touch if you have additional questions about the air tightness testing cost that we have not answered here.

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    new build air test
    new build air test

Air Tightness Testing Nationwide

We test anywhere in England or Wales

AIr Tightness Testing From Only £195 (no VAT)ATTMA logo PNG

Our service is accrediited so that you can have confidence in knowing that the certificates we issue will be accepted by building control, private inspectors and architects.

ATTMA registration means we can test all types of buildings including;

  • Residential houses
  • Flats and Offices
  • Care homes
  • Schools
  • Warehouses, Shops and Club Houses
  • Shops, Leisure Center’s and other commercial buildings.air tightness test door fan front

We have tested hundreds properties providing free advice to help you get the best result first time. We provide a quick response when time is important.

We have tested properties for private developers who have built a single dwelling to builders and companies who have developed estates. Call now to book your test.

This will be to satisfy the requirements of Part L of the approved building regulations. We are ATTMA registered which means we are authorised to test properties and issue certificates for air tightness purposes.

  • Free initial visual site inspection upon arrival, we will let you know of any holes or areas of air leakage that we observe. This will allow you to make improvements to building inspectorshelp you pass first time.
  • If the property doesn’t pass first time, we will power the fan up and identify where the holes in the property are. We will give you 30 minutes to fill the holes. As long as you fill the holes as part of the same site visit, we will retest the property for no additional charge.
  • All our costs include all fees and certification, there are no hidden extras and best yet NO VAT on top.

You can fill holes with expanding foam, silicon or decorators caulk. Sometimes its small things like caulking the top of the skirting boards that makes the difference between a pass and a fail. if you have any questions, just call and ask.